PRC mtg August 3rd

What in the world is cross band repeat?

Did you know there’s an easy way to extend the range of your low power watt VHF handheld? What a great idea for campers, hikers or hams on emergency missions. In fact, under certain conditions you could QSO with hams worldwide over the internet. At our August 3rd meeting VP Dave Semanik, K8WRS will present his program explaining how you can join in the cross band repeat fun.  Dave and other members are familiar with many of the popular radio brands so there’s a lot help available if you need it.


USCG Honors 225th Birthday with Special Event Station(s)


From Ralph, W8BHJ —

SUNDAY AUGUST 2nd Special Event honoring the 225th Birthday of the USCG.- The actual B.D. is AUG 4th Tuesday. CW and SSB both will be starting at 10am or 1400 utc both going thru to 0400 utc, with operator changes every 2 hours (note) all operators are “HAMs” either retired or have served in the USCG. I will be operating on 6 meters cw/ssb/fm as time permits( probably not much) MY VHF 146.460 simplex schedule begins at 6 PM thru 8 PM (2 hrs) special permission was given to me and only me to operate 2 meters. I asked because many folks do not have HF Capabilities, I am the only one doing this during the entire Special Event Day. I am asking for a SASE and request them be sent to me W8BHJ at my QRZ address. VHF only. and during the 6-8 pm I will be using the Special Event Call of K1CG. All other HF contacts should be sent to K1CG and the address in QRZ A little confusing but I’m sure it will be fine. Thanks Hal I appreciate it !!


Retired RM1,USCG

Ralph's USCG service was from 1956 to 1979.
4 years USAF - 16 years USCG total 20 with a 2 year break between

"Rate at retirement was RM1 (Radioman first class), I was on the promotion
list for Chief and Warrant Officer for years but few were made my times."

From the K1CG page on QRZ dot com —

K1CG will participate in a Special Event honoring the 225th birthday of the US Coast Guard on 2 August 2015. It will commence at * 021400Z until 030400Z. This is sponsored by the Coast Guard CW Operators Association. For additional info on the CGCWOA see also included is the Coast Guard Club. See info on that organization at

Several different operators will work the event. All CW contacts with K1CG during the event will receive a QSL card directly from the operator they worked. Voice contacts will require an SASE to W5CGC.

 * The above text is from the K1CG page on QRZ dot com. This  6 digit time notation is new to me so I asked Ralph to explain: “The times 021400 ZULU, GMT UTC extends into the new radio day 030400 ZULU ETC (it’s still Sunday BUT a NEW radio day)”.

(Hal, K8CMD)

If you’d like an easy reference source to convert between time zones, here’s a good one.


Ohio QSO Party

The Ohio QSO party is being held on August 22-23 from 1600Z to 0400Z and your club is invited to participate! Every year many hams in Ohio participate from their home stations, as rovers or as mobiles. Their is also a category for EOC stations and multi operator stations-a great way to get together and have fun with a few friends. Our goal is to have lots of fun making all 88 Ohio counties available on the air for that 12 hour period. The OHQP is a fun way to generate activity and help county hunters get confirmation for Ohio counties.


Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director