PRC mtg May 2, 2016

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PRC Earth Day Event a Success!

By all standards, our Earth Day special event operation was a great success.  We had the most participants ever, the most contacts, the most DX and the most fun.  Many thanks to our hosts, the Parma Historical Society who thanked us for doing our Earth Day Event and said what a joy it was to work with the Parma Radio Club.

We had many wonderful contacts with hams around the world.  Of course, we can always be certain that the number of people listening is far greater than the actual contacts.  Many will say, “I’ve been listening for some time and just wanted to say hi.” I don’t think they could hear the recently chicks under the red warming lights that were in the cabin but I was sure to paint word pictures for them to describe our wonderful location and the role of the Stearns Homestead as an educational urban farm. A Catskill, NY operator said, “I had to call you when I heard the fun you were having chasing those chicks around the cabin!”  Those New Yorkers!

We had two separate stations. On 40 meters we contacted many local operators in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, and Michigan as well as Wisconsin to New York to Toronto, Virginia, Kentucky, and the Carolinas. On 20 meters people as far as Lithuania, Vienna, and Syria.  It was a very good day. 

And like any rewarding endeavor, the day provided learning opportunities.  At our May 2nd meeting, we’ll give a full report and discuss how we might be able to make some improvements for next time. 

Apparently our setup was very similar to last year because our antennas required no adjustments. I guess we did a great job last year when we tuned the 40 meter dipole.  But we were equipped and ready just in case.  At our meeting May 2nd I’ll show you how easy it is to tune a dipole when you have the right tools.

Stearns Homestead has a couple of increasingly popular events that you won’t want to miss: The Farmer’s Market and the Rummage Sale.  Check them out at .


Equipment for Sale

Member Bob Bassett, KE8UV  has some excellent equipment offerings. Definitely look his list over before you trek to Dayton.  I’m sure you’ll find a some real bargains.   Equipment for sale


The Buzz is Building

It’s kind of like the sound of bees in the spring and early summer.  As I listen to hams I hear the buzz of questions like “Goin’ to Dayton?”  And it’s not just midwest hams. Those DX operators are buzzing about Dayton as well.  Many have found it to be one of the most exciting aspects of their hobby.  One PRC member is making the journey with a group of friends, one of who is marking his 50th Hamvention!  Not many can say that! 

The 2016 Hamvention is May 20-22nd.

If you’re “goin’ to Dayton” your friends at home would appreciate a report on the experience… and dont forget to bring home some samples.

More info at  Hamvention

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director