PRC mtg Feb 6


Snowflake photographed by a Russian amateur photographer using an amazingly simple setup. See “SNOWFLAKES” below

Happy 2017!

We hope you had a good holiday, as we did.  You might wonder why we decided to have no meetings in January. Well last year at this time nature blew some snowy,  treacherous weather at us, causing school/ Busch closings. With that in mind we decided it best to  give ourselves a winter break.  While the weather has not been as tough, for sure, I’m enjoying the break.

I’m publishing this e-minder early because it contains date sensitive information regarding Winter Field Day. 

We had a fun holiday party in December and have photos to prove from Ken Osicki and Larry Shimerka. They’re now posted at PRC Christmas 2016.

A Reminder…

Please remember to send or bring your dues to our treasurer.  We definitely need you and your support to have another great year.  You can take care of business at the meeting or through the mail. Please complete a new member application, which is on this site or click this link

What’s going on with the HF bands?

I had hoped that I could catch up on some 40 meters ragchewing and CW. Not so. The bands have been terrible, with a lot of noise and pathetic propagation. One evening I could hardly hear W1AW code practice. In the past they’ve pinned my meter.  I kept asking myself, “What the —- is going on? Who broke the bands?”  I decided it was time for me to revisit a topic I’ve mostly forgotten – HF propagation.  My research dug up great short videos that explain mysterious things like sunspots, sun flares, ionospheric layers and more. 

At the February 6th meeting you’ll see these informative videos and get a good look at where HF propagation is headed.  You’ll also learn about three powerful solar  phenomena that disrupt HF and VHF communications, sometimes causing catastrophic disruptions worldwide.  

At a recent breakfast with members and other hams I brought up the subject of program topics for this year.  (You see, I even work this job at breakfast.) Many good suggestions came up. We’ll discuss them at the next meeting along with your ideas.  Bring yourself to the February 6th meeting or send suggestions to me for our consideration.

Winter Field Day

That’s right.  Larry Shimerka, KC8VZZ says, “It’s kinda like Summer Field Day with snow. Don’t worry about the snow, it’s only cold water.” (Seriously, we do  Winter Field Day indoors.) The dates are Jan 28 &. 29, 2017.  It runs from 2 pm on the 28th thru 2 pm on the 29. Information about the event is available at .

You can participate from home or anywhere, of course. The Woodchucks have invited anyone interested in participating to join them.  Dan and Cece Rykena, KE8DCR and KE8DWH are again hosting the event in their home and you are invited.  Last year was much fun. The address is 4868 Summer Lane, Brooklyn. I will see  you there. I plan to operate CW this year!  Dan says he’ll be ready for visitors on Saturday at 9 am.

 10 meters: busy place on Thursday evenings

The Woodchuck 10 meter net is BACK on the Air Thursday nights at 8pm on 28.435 USB. 73 Frequency 28.435, 8pm, Thursday. Larry, KC8VZZ

Afterward at 9 pm, join the PRC net at 9 pm on 26.460.  We always have fascinating technical topics and plain old rag chewing. So join us!


I thought you might enjoy this  article on the Russia amateur photographer who has discovered a simple way to view and photograph one of the truly beautiful aspects of nature that we never get to see.  The link is

Hal Rogers K8CMD

President, Communications Director