PRC mtg March 20


Many thanks to Rich Nagle, W8KU for his informative presentation this month on WSPR, Weak Signal Propagation Report. Rich took the mystery out of this exciting new format with his demonstration using a his home made magnetic loop. Thanks to Ken Osicki, K8OAE for providing photos.

The April QST has several articles that deal with this fascinating new mode.


Rich’s home made magnetic loop gets impressive reports with a loop of coax.











Our own brand of March madness…

During the big power outage on March 8th, our home was one of the 45,000 in the area effected. It became a 3 day outage requiring a constant gas generator to run electric heaters and lights, a kerosene heater and the gas kitchen oven. All that while my wife and I dealt with various stages of the flu.  After the power returned the washing machine quit! Yes, it’s been a miserable March but it’s getting better.

This March 20th we’ll have a presentation on one of my favorite modes, CW. With the approaching solar minimum, CW is going to be a great way to continue enjoyment of your hobby.  Even if you never engage in CW contacts, learning Morse code will expand your hobby in many ways. For example, you’ll be able to recognize the automatic IDs transmitted by repeaters, beacons, and commercial short wave stations.  I’m calling it “EZ Ways to Learn Morse code.” And it really can be much easier than some people think. It worked for me and I’ll share tricks that will serve you well.

Breeze Shooters Hamfest invitation

The ‘Breeze Shooters’will once again be having their Hamfest on June 4, 2017 – This will be our 63rd Annual Event. This year we are again pleased to have been chosen to host the ARRL – WPA Section Convention. Presenters from the ARRL will be there. As in the years past, we are offering to the local radio clubs in Pennsylvania,Ohio,Maryland,New York and West Virginia: (2)- Free Admission Tickets to our Hamfest at our newest location: The BIG Butler Fairgrounds, on US Rt. 422 in Prospect,PA (north of Pittsburgh) These can be given as a ‘drawing prize’ at your April or May, 2017 club meeting. This is one way we advertise our Hamfest and welcome members from other clubs to attend. The tickets will only be sent to the postal address that was provided to us from the ARRL (no execeptions) and can be only obtained by responding to this email from the account that it was addressed. * OFFER IS LIMITED TO (2) Tickets per club and request must be received by April 30, 2017 Please help spread the word about the Hamfest by downloading and displaying our Information Flyer at your club’s meeting location. See… 73’s and hope to see you there,

de The Breeze Shooters

(*We have requested our  2 free tickets for giveaway at the PRC.)

W8PRC 5th Annual Earth Day Special Event Station

This April 22nd PRC members will once again be on the air celebrating Earth Day. We’ll be in the comfort of the cabin at Stearns Homestead at the center of town.

Keeping with the spirit of the event, we’ll be operating our stations entirely on power from the sun.  This is a great opportunity to get out, work and socialize with fellow members and meet the public.  Last year we had the unique opportunity to pet the horses and share our cabin with newborn chicks! We’ll be making final details at the meetings.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

Communications Director, President