Mtg April 16

Earth Day Special Event Station Saturday April 21

Our 6th annual Earth Day special event operation is approaching.  This year the event will be on Saturday, April 21st at Stearns Farm on Ridge Road, in the heart of Parma. Operation will be on HF and Ken Osicki, K8OAE will be tracking satellites communications.  The event gives PRC members a wonderful opportunity to communicate with fellow hams and renew our mutual appreciation for this wonderful planet. We’ll be operating entirely on power from the sun.

This event will give us the first opportunity to celebrate the club’s 70th birthday and rumor has it that we’ll even have a birthday cake to make it official.

At our Monday, April 16th meeting we’ll discuss all the basics of our operational gear including antennas and more.

 Wind Turbine Tour

Have you ever wanted to see one of those monster wind turbines up close? Now is your opportunity of a lifetime. This May 7th, PRC members and friends are invited to a fascinating tour of the wind turbine on the grounds of the Cuyahoga Fairgrounds.

Our tour will start at the indoor Sustainability Center (pictured below) which has interactive exhibits on wind and solar energy, a construction

video of the entire process, a live turbine data screen and a motorized nacelle (the generator housing). Feel free to ask any technical questions, the tour guides are very knowledgeable. You  will also see the solar tracker  which powers a pump in a cistern/ fountain on the West side of the bldg. While not required, those who wish to go out to the turbine may walk out with the tour guide to the machine and see the inside of the tower.

The Sustainability Center, Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. Click to enlarge.

You can read more on the Fairgrounds web site, While on the site, go to the Renewable Energy Center, where you’ll find tons of info on their wind turbine project.

The tour is open to all members, family and friends. However, it’s absolutely important that you let us know how many will be in your party will attend.  Please confirm as soon as possible and no later than April 30th. Write us at

IMPORTANT: The tour meets at 6pm. You must enter the Fairgrounds from the main entrance on Bagley Road.

You’ll note that this is a regular meeting night for us at Busch Community room. The regular meeting has been cancelled.  Instead, we’ll see you at the Fairgrounds.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director