PRC mtg May 15

What’s with the new look?

The short story is that some of the software we’ve been using to create our web site is no longer supported.  We had noticed for a while that some features just didn’t work right. The realization caused us to scurry around and find a replacement. Our new look might not be a the ultimate look look but we think it will work for us.  I’d appreciate any comments, pro or con. If you have questions or problems, please write us.

I suggest you browse around the site and become familiar with the new look. All the content we had before is still on the site, although it might display differently,

Some links have been fixed. For example, we now have a working photo album page. Under “Pages” you will find “Albums”, a link that will take you to a page that will eventually list all the albums on the site. At this time, only recent albums are listed.  We also have a working Programs link. So check it out.

Thanks to Bill Squires, N8WS, for a fine presentation at the past meeting on “Working Amateur Satellites”. We had a great turnout and a very involved audience.   To pursue the topic further, attendees requested more links to ham videos.  Bill suggests to all interested that, due to the variety of content available, it would be better for you to go to and search with key words like  “Amateur Radio Satellites” or “ham satellites”.

More meeting photos from Ken Osicki, K8OAE are posted under “Albums”.

What we learned from Earth Day 2017

Following a brief business meeting on May 15th, we’ll look back at our Earth Day event. It’s always good to review an event to see what we learned and what might be done to improve the other events.  I have some thoughts and would like to hear yours. Since we’re heading toward one of biggest events of our year, Field Day, we should consider this a prep for Field Day 2017.

When is Field Day?  It’s always the last full weekend in June.  So, this year it’s June 24 and 25th. Make plans to be there!

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director