Our nets are open to all licensed amateurs with operating privileges for the band. See our net info below. Please join us.

If you’re new to the hobby…

Many local amateur radio clubs and organizations conduct on-air radio “nets”.  A net is a scheduled on-air meeting of amateurs for a specific purpose. While it may be for a casual exchange of conversation, it might also be for emergency preparedness training or other purpose. All nets are directed by a Net Control Operator station, following a generally accepted net protocol to maintain order.

If you have a scanner or amateur radio receiver you can listen to these nets to get a feel for some of the activity in which you will soon be able to participate. While some nets are strictly social, others nets might be for equipment selling among hams, emergency preparedness exercises, or emergency weather conditions. The Parma Radio Club operates two weekly nets. Both nets are listed on our web site and in the PRC e-minder which you will receive as a member or by requesting a copy via
We invite you to tune or visit any of our nets.  The PRC has two weekly nets:
Tuesday, 9:00 pm on 145.410 mHz., VHF/UHF   Mode:  FM   (this can heard on many scanners)

Thursday,  9:00 pm, on 28.460 USB  (HF nets can be tuned in on some short wave receivers.   


Some other nets that might be of interest:

Swap and Shop Tue 7:30 pm 147.015 mHz

Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club   Wed 8:00 pm 145.310 mHz

Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society  Wed 9:00 pm 146.820 mHz

Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society Wed 9:00 pm 147.700 mHz