NCO Schedule


PRC Nets

FM net

We wish to express our gratitude to the owners of the wide area repeater system the PRC uses each week: Mike Smith, KB8WLW and Mark Wensel, KB8RST. 
Check out their informative web site at and don’t forget to view the photos! You’ll be impressed.
Tuesday, 9:00 PM
 Net Control Operators — 1st Tuesday, Larry Shimerka, KC8VZZ
                                               2nd Tuesday, Jim Bis, N8FND
                                               3rd Tuesday, Mike Peters, KD8ZMN
                                               4th Tuesday, Bill Squires, N8WS 
                                               5th Tuesdays – Larry Shimerka, KC8VZZ

KB8WLW linked repeater system
    145.410 (PL 110.9) also connect through:

    224.48 (PL 141.3)
    442.225 (PL 131.8) 
    Echolink users, KB8WLW-R,  node 146520

HF net
 Thursday, 9:00 pm  28.460 mHz, USB
 Net Control Operators — John Malloy, KA8VTV
                                               Hal Rogers, K8CMD