December 10th


At the December 3rd meeting Elections Chairman Rich Nagel, W8KU announced the winning Board members for 2019:  President, Hal Rogers, K8CMD; Vice President, Mike Marganski, KE8HBK; Secretary, John Malloy, KA8VTV; Treasurer, Ken Osicki, K8OAE.

Congratulations to my fellow candidates as we look forward to another successful year.

Tom Bedoc, K8DMM led our workshop at a recent meeting, helping to trouble shoot a problem radio, then presented an interesting program at the recent meeting on a favorite topic in amateur radio – standing waves. We enjoyed several informative videos, followed by a demo of various related SWR measuring equipment. 



You can revisit Tom’s SWR videos:

And a bonus program from the editor,


A reminder that the December 3rd meeting was our final meeting for 2018. Our next general meeting will be in February. However, we’ll kick the year off with a Board meeting in early January (date and time to be announced).

Das Schnitzel Haus

At that early in January meeting, we’ll be working on our program schedule and discussing ides for getting more programs to you and fewer business meetings. I can hear the cheers now. Or is that from Das Schnitzel Haus?

On Saturday, January 19th at 7 PM we’ll Roll Out 2019 dinner once again at the famous Das Schnitzle Haus. Complete details will be available soon.  Please send an email to let us know as soon as possible if you’ll be attending.


It’s encouraging that many members have already renewed their dues for 2019.  If you’ve not yet done so, please take a minute and download the Member Application form on this site.  We need your support.  On the newly designed application we ask you to share your particular areas of interest, helpful information as we decide program topics for 2019.


A few years ago I gave a demonstration at one of our meetings of a service that appeals to hams as well as non-hams who share our same interest. The service is called Hamsphere, and it’s most amazing. Technically, it’s a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. While it uses some of the same technology as Skype and Echolink Kelly Lindman, 5B4AIT / SM7NHC has taken his creation far beyond those other services.  Lindman’s Hamsphere looks and simulates amateur radio.  While the program is usable by non-hams, a surprising number of people have found it a fun place to meet other people. There are even nets, contests and award programs. Of course, it’s a great place for folks who are not able to erect antennas or just can’t struggle with our unpredictable propagation. Hamsphere is not free, but there are introductory subscriptions.

I enjoyed the introductory subscription followed by a year of paid subscription, then I went back to real radio. Of course, at the time propagation was good! All of this is to give you the “back story” on the “special treat” I mentioned in my title.  A few weeks ago, Kelly sent me a link to an e-book he compiled.  I was quite impressed. It’s really well done and I truly believe it’s a great service to amateur radio.  Give it a look. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Ham Radio

Kelly Lindman


Have a wonderful holiday season.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President, Communications Director