PRC July 1st

Field Day a Perfect Success

In many respects, this year’s Field Day was a perfect success. We had some challenges with the G5RV antenna mast up but thanks to member experience the crew was able to overcome the issues. Soon, we were on our way to filling out our coverage map… and, most importantly, having fun. We were all surprised at how crowded the bands were and that propagation was quite good.

We enjoyed visits from a number of visitors who were all pleased to “get the tour” of our station. Many thanks to Mike Pardue, N8WHB and family who provided a fabulous dinner tent and a tasty grilled burger meal. Mike Marganski, KE8HBK surprised us with delicious Polish sausage. Then this writer treated all to an energizing Sunday pancake and maple syrup breakfast, and left over Polish sausage. No one goes hungry at our Field Days!

If you took photos from the event, please forward them to us so we can share them.

Join us at our July 1st meeting We’ll have a complete report on the results of the event and critique our efforts, asking “what worked, what didn’t and hearing members suggestions about what we could do to make next year’s event better. In addition we’ll discuss some upcoming events that you might want to participate in.

Alternative energy demonstration

Recently I was introduced to an engine design that I had never heard of. This fascinating invention has absolutely no fuel requirement, yet it’s been used to power autos, boats, and other vehicles. In fact, it’s not an internal combustion engine. At the July 1st meeting we’ll have a short program from Bill Nye “The Science Guy” on the topic, then an actual machine will be demonstrated.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD Communications Director, President