PRC Mar 18

“All’s well that ends well.”

That old addage, certainly rang true at our last meeting when we arrived at our meeting room to find that the regular room was not available. We were supposed to be notified but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So we had to make a quick decision. Fortunately, the North Royalton Library came through and we were able to relocate to their beautifully equipped facility on Wallings Road.

Perhaps, it’s our amateur radio experiences that prepared us for last-minute adjustment but we made some quick phone calls and were able to find a replacement venue at North Royalton Library. How lucky we were that Branch Manager, Jeannie Cilenti was had a available meeting room. So the group packed up and headed south. Minutes later, presenter Bob Mueller, K8MD was set up in their very modern multimedia room delivering a wonderfully informative program on the Cuyahoga County Skywarn Program. Bob also brought his neat portable go kit, pictured below. Being well prepared for emergencies, Bob says he seldom travels without it.


Earth Day is Coming

Hard to believe that we are just weeks away from our 7th annual Earth Day Special Event operation. We are once again happy to say that we’ll be hosted by Stearns Farm and operating in the cabin. This year we’re looking forward to visits from area scouts. VP Mike Marganski, KE8HBK has developed fliers that will soon be distributed.

Please help us make this event a success by participating at the event or making contact with our station on the air. Our young visitors will want to speak to you over the air. What a kick for them! Events like this can be a turning point that turns a casual observer into a lifetime amateur radio operator. Make a note of these details:

At our March 18th meeting we’ll iron out the details of our antennas and station setups and finalize what we’ll have on hand for public show and tell and demonstration. Please be with us and contribute suggestions.

I’ve been working on a code practice oscillator and will have it Monday to show. Aside from code practice sessions, these devices can be used to create tone modulated MCW (also called A2A). We’ll discuss discuss MCW and how you can use it to stay proficient on CW during today’s period of low propagation.

I have small circuit boards to share if you are willing to invest some time and a few parts to build your own CPO. There is one hitch. You have to promise to use your CPO to inspire someone else to learn Morse Code.


“Tell us something we don’t know.”

At a meeting early this year we initiated a fun thing called “Tell us something we don’t know” where attendees are invited share with others a new bit of technology information they recently learned and would like to share with the group. Several people mentioned they enjoyed that segment. At the coming meeting we’ll do it again.

PRC is looking for a new Treasurer

We knew it would happen. Golf season will soon be upon us and that will take much of Ken Osicki, our Treasurer’s time. We appreciate the service Ken has given us and need to appoint a replacement. If you can give us an assist, please volunteer for this position by the next meeting. Without a Treasurer, we stand to loose our sanction with ARRL! So the issue is a serious matter.

Photos by Ken Osicki, K8OAE

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President, Communications Director