PRC May mtg 21

PRC’s 6th Earth Day another Success and Fun

PRC group celebrates Earth Day 2018 at Sterns Farm. Photo Courtesy Sun Papers

Many thanks to all who made our 6th annual Earth Day a very enjoyable event. We also had the opportunity to celebrate the club’s 70th anniversary with an attractive cake provided by Sara Marganski.  All good reviews on the cake, for sure.

While our 20 meter operation went smoothly, our 40 meter station had coax connector problems. We’ll discuss this and other issues at our Monday, May 21st meeting.

We were quite fortunate to receive a visit from Kathy Kovach, writer for the Parma Sun Post who produced a very nice article in print and online for the April 23rd edition.   Read/print the article at this link.  Parma Sun Post

PRC Earth Day special event operation.   Drone photo by Chuck Mehozenek, K8CVM

I have a lot of nice photos and videos to share with you at an upcoming meeting. Among them are terrific photos by Ken Osicki, K8OAR and some fascinating high flying drone videos and stills taken by Chuck Mehozenek, K8CVM.

Speaking of “high flying”, everyone had a wonderful time at wind turbine tour at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds.  Many thanks to Joanne Scudder of the Sustainability Center where we were given a thorough explanation of how the system works and saves the county thousands of dollars annually.

Joanne Scudder, explains the turbine system at the Sustainabillity Center








See you at the May 21st meeting where we’ll discuss our recent events and preliminary plans for field day.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President and Communications Director