PRC mtg April 15th

Earth Day ’19: Tremendous Success

Our 7th annual Earth Day Special Event activity was a phenomenal success and I’m not exaggerating. We had more visitors, more participants, more radio contacts, and more fun than ever. Many thanks to Anita Cook and Parma Historical Society, who maintains Stearns Farm for helping us to promote this year’s activities. Thanks to the Sun Papers for their coverage, online and in print. If you missed the article, check it out at

And, of course, a huge thanks to all our members who helped make the event happen. We’ll have photos and more in future posts. At our next meeting, we’ll critique our efforts and discuss what we did that worked and what did that didn’t.

Digital Modes: how to start

Amateur digital modes are more popular than ever. Why? Many hams feel it’s the perfect answer to enjoying their hobby during this period of decreased sun spot activity. Getting into digital modes is really quite easy and doesn’t require much more equipment than you already have. At our April 15th meeting we’ll see a short program that addresses the topic clearly and concisely. The presenter also describes the most popular new digital mode, FT8 and helps you decide if it’s right for you.

They don’t make ’em like they used to

Recently I heard a UK ham describe an early RCA receiver he enjoyed for many years but finally had to find a new home for it because could no longer move it. I just had to learn more about this tremendous piece of early technology that helped to end WWII. I learned that many were systematically destroyed when the guns of war were finally silenced.

The story behind the AR-88 and other beautiful works of radio art is a read you’ll enjoy. Check out the Radio Boulevard pages of the Western Historic Radio Museum. Enjoy:


Hal Rogers, K8CMD President