PRC mtg Dec 16

2020 Board Appointed

At the past meeting officers for 2020 were appointed. All positions were elected by acclimation. President, Vice President and Secretary positions were filled by the incumbents and a the Treasurer position was filled by a new candidate who ran unopposed. So, I’m happy to say that the 2020 board then will be, left to right, Tom Pechnik AC8EH – Treasurer, Hal Rogers K8CMD – President – John Malloy KA8VTV – Secretary, Mike Marganski KE8HBK – Vice President.

Many thanks to Ken Osicki K8OAE for serving the PRC in 2019 and contributing his photography skills in the photo below and many more.

Final meeting

At our final meeting of the year, December 16, we’ll nail down our program line up for 2020. Please come prepared to suggest program topics that would interest you. Also, we have some proposals for the board to consider. So please be present to voice your opinion and cast your

At this time it appears we will continue the tradition of having a “Roll Out Dinner” in January to kick off 2020. The location has not yet been decided so we’re open for suggestions about your favorite eatery.

Dues are due

Please remember to re-up your dues for 2020. We appreciate your support of the PRC. As in the past, please include a new application for with your payment so that we can be sure your contact information is up to date. On your application, make a note about your particular ham interests and what you’d like the PRC to address in a program, an event or on a net. Your input is very much needed and appreciated.

Hal Rogers K8CMD, President