PRC February 4th

Here’s hoping you had a good holiday and are rested up for another great line up of programs at the PRC. During our hiatus, PRC Board members met to lay out the year’s program line up and you are going to enjoy what we have planned. Let’s start with our first program:

Let’s Talk SDR

You don’t have to go far in amateur radio circles to hear someone say SDR is “the future of amateur radio.” Really? Why? And what the heck is SDR? Without giving away too much, SDR stands for “Software Defined Radio”. You’ll learn a whole lot more at our February 4th meeting. Presenter, Rich Nagel, W8KU has quite a bit of experience with SDR, even having built his own SDR receivers. Most recently, Rich has been experimenting with a very popular radio called SDR-Play. Rich will demonstrate some of the amazing features of this inexpensive, small radio.

PRC to Celebrate 7th Earth Day

The PRC will again operate a special event station to celebrate Earth Day. The location, the cabin at Stearn’s Farm in the heart of downtown Parma. We’ll be operating two HF stations on Saturday, April 13th. The event will be open to the public and we are expecting to have a number of scouts visiting to not only get a tour but to sit in on the operating. It should be a lot of fun.

New Software can be fun… or not

You might notice a difference in the look of these posts. Recently we received an uninvited update to the editing software that we use. As is customary, it came with no instruction, so we’re just stumbling along trying to figure it out. Thanks for bearing with us.

We look forward to seeing you all at the February 4th meeting.


Hal Rogers, K8CMD President