PRC mtg June 19

Final prep for Field Day 2017

Our June 19th meeting will be our final opportunity to discuss Field Day plans.  We hope you’ll be able to participate this year with any or all of the event. Field Day is June 24th, 2 pm to 2 pm on the 25th at Top O’ Ledges in the Hinckley Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. We’ll be setting up 10:00 am and can use all the help we can get.

This link will take you to a printable map to our Field Day site.

Thanks to Tom Bedoc, K8DMM for drafting some press release documents to promote Field Day to the public. I’ll have those at the meeting and we’ll need to have a volunteer to drop them off at various locations.

Do you have a little project or new goodie you’d like to show to fellow members? Bring it to the next meeting and tell us all about it.  Remember, “Creativity is the brain having fun”.

As thousands of hams roamed the recent Hamvention and admired some of the latest gear, I began to wonder when we’ll see ham equipment incorporate artificial intelligence, what the cool kids call AI.  Will we some day have transceivers that find the DX for us?  Artificial intelligence allows computers to “learn” thanks to something called algorithyms.  (If you really want to sound new age, in casual conversation you can drop “algorithyms” into the conversation.)  If you’re not familiar with the term, this clip explains the role of algorithyms in the development of driverless cars and other machines that can actually learn.     How Algorithms Are Driving Us Into the Future

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

Communications Director