PRC mtg Nov 18

At the last meeting VP Mike Marganski, KE8HBK brought a beautiful old broadcast/ shortwave receiver that he received from a fellow worker. At this time not much is known about the model name and maker. One thing we can see is that the radio is a TRF style.

The three gang variable capacitor is typical of tuned radio frequency receivers, the predecessor of the superhetrodyne. Can you help with identification? As you can see, just examining the chassis was a fun experience for everyone.

This all inspires me to share a vintage amateur radio photo book at the next meeting.


Sharing knowledge is one of the greatest pleasures in this hobby. Our annual Homebrew Show and Tell meeting in October featured many neat projects, like high amperage rechargeable battery system built by Chuck Mehozonek, K8CVM. What beautiful work, Chuck.

Here Mike checks out one of Chucks smaller batteries.

Then, Rich Nagel, W8KU shared his home made balun. Again, beautiful work. You can’t buy’em like that.

And did I tell you about my latest iambic CW paddle? Nothing like Show and tell.

Lot’s of important matters to discuss at the November 18th meeting. See you there.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President