PRC mtg Oct 15th

What a fun program we had last meeting when 7 or 8 members presented items for our always popular “Home Brew Show and Tell”.   So many interesting devices and circuits.


Back to the basics

At our October 15th meeting Tom Bedocs, K8DMM will get back to the oscilloscope, one of the most helpful tools available to amateurs. Tom’s initial program on the topic was very enlightening and well-received. In program —-two Tom will demo various test measurements in tuning receiver stages, transmitter modulation level / distortions, filter graphing and audio /  trouble shooting a power supply.  Truly, a loaded program you won’t want to miss.

Do you have an idea for an article? Let us know.

We have a “new” NCO for the VHF/ UHF net.  Tom Southam, W8WLI has agreed to take the 4th Tuesday net. However, with an unpredictable work schedule he sometimes gets a late notice that he’s needed on the job.  So he is looking for a backup to make this work.  If you can help, let us know. Tom has been doing a great job as a volunteer and we look forward to hearing him more often as a PRC NCO.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President, Communications Director