PRC mtg Oct 16

Our Homebrew Show and Tell meeting was great fun and many attending expressed the same sentiment.  I believe the reason the meeting was so enjoyable is basic. Many people contributed their experience, knowledge and questions during the introductory discussions as well as the actual program. Some great ideas were shared that evening and that’s what the PRC is all about. (Be sure to see the photos below.) Which brings me to share the following:

Tech Tip (?)

When I began writing this post (on my Win 10 laptop)  I discovered that the space bar wasn’t working. Howannoyingisthat? After some research I found this condition might be called “sticky keys” and the solution for some folks was to press the SPACE BAR, ENTER and BACKSPACE keys simultaneously and hold them for 10 seconds. Did it work? No.

Then I decided to turn the PC off by clicking RESTART. I should have tried the space bar after the RESTART, but I didn’t. Instead, I tried the previous trick. All worked fine! So somewhere in the process was the solution. Just thought I’d share.

Homebrew Show & Tell photos by Ken Osicki, K8OAE

There are a couple of fun events happening on the same date. Isn’t that always the way it is!

Fox Hunt

M2M will be having our first Fox Hunt in years on October 14th.  I attached a flyer and “rules” that we adapted from Cuyahoga Falls ARC.  This is our first Fox Hunt in years, and I was part of the team to try to pull it together.  Hope the weather cooperates! Please let your members know about the hunt, we’d love to see them. Hope to make it to some more PRC meetings this year. Happy Autumn, Jane/K8JGR

Fox Hunt Flier

Fox Hunt Rules

Woodchuck ARC holds picnic/  PA QSO Party operating event, October 14th.

PRC members have been invited to the event at Rich Balata’s, KD8KBO at 11694 State Road. Or as Rich says, “Four fireplugs South of Wallings Rd, on the West side.

The activity starts at 2 pm. Bring your own items to cook on the grill. The club will be participating in the Pennsylvania QSO Party and will have an HF station and NVIS antenna set up.


Our next meeting is October 16. At this business meeting we’ll pick a nominating chair and accept offers from those who wish to be considered for a 2018 office. All positions are open.  Elections will be held in November.

Following the meeting we’ll have a brief technical discussion on a topic that is often mentioned by hams but little understood – the tuner.  So the topic – The tuner: what is it? When is it needed? and How is it used? 

If you can, bring a tuner for others to check out.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD, President, Communications Director