PRC mtg Sept. 16

We hope you had a good Labor Day. Here we are in the middle of September and still dealing with heat and heavy rain. It’s really been a strange year weather-wise (and in many other ways).

At our September 16th meeting we’ll take care of business and then have short session on a topic that is always interesting– hamfests. With the Cleveland hamfest approaching on Sunday September 22nd, let’s have a free-flowing discussion about how you “do hamfests.” Do you approach it with plan? A list of things you’re looking for or certain people you want to catch up with? Forums you want to sit in on?

Your comments and experience can be very helpful to new hams or those who haven’t figured out how to get the most from a hamfest.

For information about the Cleveland Hamfest, click

Then I’d like to share some fascinating facts about an amazing radio connectivity technology that is far from new but very new to me – Bluetooth. Where did it come from? How does it compare to wi-fi? Is it better or not even close? And where did that odd name come from? Can anyone explain that intriguing logo? Those answers and much more Monday, September 16th.