Rollout 2019

The PRC Wishes You and Your Family

a Happy 2019

My delta loop under snow.
Snow on the brick patio.

CW ops, don’t forget New Years Eve is ARRL “Straight Key Night” !!!

Have some CW fun by ringing out the old year and ushering in 2019 with a few CW contacts on the band of your choice. Then, submit your results, photos or interesting stories to QST.  I’ve never before told my story of a few years ago. After watching the ball drop and tipping bubbly with my wife I sent out a CQ SKN and struck up a contact immediately. There were stations on both sides but he was strong. We had a nice chat going and he was describing his station… and that’s the last I remember.  When I opened my eyes, twenty minutes later, the frequency was very, very quiet. My contact had apparently given up on me.     


Das Schnitzel Haus

What a great way to kick off the new year- good food and friends. Join us Saturday, January 19th at 7 PM when we roll out 2019 at the popular Das Schnitzle Haus Restaurant and Beer Garden.

We hope you’ll join us. This will be our only get-together for January.  Please be sure write us at to confirm your attendance. Mention how many in your party will be attending. Das Schnitzle Haus is at 5728 Pearl Road in Parma.

The restaurant’s menu is quite extensive with something for everyone. We suggest you it out at


The PRC  Board will be meeting on January 7th. One of the key topics will be the new year’s Program Schedule. This will not be an open meeting, but if you’d like to join us and contribute ideas, please contact me.  We want to have your ideas for consideration, so please let us know very soon any topics you’d like covered.   Also, if you’d like to share your experience and  knowledge on a tech topic this year, by all means, we’d love to “book you.”

2019 DUES

Many thanks to all who have paid their 2019 dues. It’s a great help when dues come in early. Needless to say, club operating expenses keep coming.  In fact, our 2019 insurance bill arrived just today.  An updated Member Application form is on this site. We ask you to fill out a new one every year so that we can be sure our contact data is current but also to see if you have a particular amateur interest we can address in a program. We want your club to meet your needs.

And now we know.

It seems like for years every time I’ve seen a TV  story that involves flying aircraft the pilot is wearing a green headset like the one pictured here with a can’t miss logo.  My curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to find out who this DC company is and why their headsets are so common.  So, here’s what I learned from the company:

In 1975, David Clark Company introduced the first noise-attenuating headset designed to provide hearing protection for pilots, while also providing clear reception and crisp transmission at normal voice levels in a noisy aircraft. Since then, the ‘green domes’ have consistently set the standards of comfort, quality and performance in aviation headset design and manufacture.

Today, the company’s broad line of passive noise attenuating and Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) aviation headsets for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft is a top choice for general aviation and commercial pilots.

On a Hawaii vacation, my wife and I took a small plane tour around the main Island. The pilot handed us DC headsets so we could communicate with him during the tour.  Talk about high fidelity and noise cancelling!  Amazing.  So, if you see a pair at a garage sale or hamfest, grab it.  They can easily be converted to amateur use using an article that appeared in QST.  The headset pictured above, sells for $995. And the pricing soars from there.

And now we know.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD    President, Communications Director