PRC April ’20

8th Annual Earth Day Cancelled

While it won’t come as a surprise, our 8th Annual Earth Day Special Event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus social distancing mandate. We’ll soon be discussing optional ways to celebrate the event as a club “virtually.” Any ideas you have would be appreciated. The event date is April 18th.

Our first TecNet was good fun and several interesting topics were discussed, everyone contributing their knowledge of the subjects. The TecNet is held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 pm on 28.460 USB. The net is conducted roundtablestyle, so it’s more like a rag chew net. This month’s TecNet dates are April 6 and 20th. Everyone is encouraged to bring a topic or question for the group to discuss.

“2 meters” – a new meaning in U.K.

What two metres looks like (from the BBC)

The UK government is advising people stay home and only go out if they need to fetch food or medicine, or to go to work if it’s essential or to exercise.

Even when you leave your home, you need to practise social distancing and keep at least two metres away from other people to protect yourself from catching coronavirus.

But it can be hard to know exactly what that looks like.

The BBC’s health correspondent Laura Foster helps explain
the best ways to keep safe and keep the correct distance away from other people. Check the article and video, but please come back!

Free. Really!

About a month ago I received a less than attractive black and white postcard offering free energy efficient devices. Like most of us, I suspect anything that claims to be free and skeptically think “why”? So I went online and looked it up. Wow. It really seemed to be a legitimate offer from 1st Energy trying to encourage people to use less electricity. That’s bizarre. But it did say the magic word FREE, so I signed up for it and quickly forgot the offer. Then, one day last week, after watching the day’s depressing news news, I looked out on the porch and saw that we had received a colorful box clearly marked “1st Energy”. Then I recalled that plain looking postcard offer from the electric company

Still skeptical, I put on a pair of blue latex gloves (which is the way we check mail now in the age of corona virus) and moved the package to the garage. The next day I boldly opened my colorful “energy efficiency kit” and was pleasantly surprised at the free goodies: 2 – dimmable 3 way LED bulbs, 3 – attractive LED night lights, a 7 – outlet Advanced Powerstrip with several neat features, and a filter whistle. A what? This fascinated me. It’s a clever device that whistles when your furnace filter needs changing. Great idea and if I can’t hear it, my dog will. My family’s been impressed with the quality of these freebies and since they encouraged us to inform our friends, I thought I’d pass the information along to you. You can either call 1-866-768-9789 or online go to

With the government mandated “stay at home” in place (and it does seem to be working) we have to make some decisions as to how to spend our extra time.

Time on your hands?

With the Governor’s stay at home mandates many of us have become a bit challenged as to how to spend our “extra” time. I’m quite thankful for ham radio, of course. For some it’s a good time to catch up on the reading they could never get to. Others are watching some of those great classic movies they always wanted to check out.

I heard about a free offer I couldn’t ignor. I always wished that I knew how to play the guitar. Not that I wanted to be a great guitarist, but it sure would be fun to pick a tune once in a while. Heck, we had a cat that could strum the kid’s toy ukelele in the dark of night. That was chilling.

So, when my wife read about Fender Guitar Company offering free lessons, I headed for the website, ( My daughter had a guitar so I had nothing to lose. The offer is for free lessons for 3 months, so why not? I’m not ready to book an engagement yet, but I’m having fun and learning to appreciate all those guitarist I hardly noticed.

I do have another past time, a shower updating project that was abruptly interrupted by the coronavirus social distancing mandate. You see, my parts source, Home Depot is all but closed and only allowing a couple customers in at a time. So I purchase everything I need online have it delivered to my home. It’s a real hurry up and wait situation, but it does give me more time to pick the guitar.

So, how about sharing how you’re spending “extra” time? Fellow members would appreciate reading about it. You might encourage others to explore your past time.

We’re working on a NET list that should be helpful to all who are looking for a net they can check into. We’ll have that posted soon. If there’s a formal or informal net you’d like added to the new list, just let us know.

Hal Rogers K8CMD, President