Do the Five


PRC holds 1st TechNet!

While in-person meetings are on hold during the coronavirus emergency, there’s no reason we can’t socialize on the radio and do what we really enjoy — talk tech stuff.

Called “TechNet”, this new venture won’t be a typical net. In stead the TechNet will take the popular round table form. A moderator will begin by accepting check ins, then introduce a thought provoking tech topic for group discussion in a round table style.

Before beginning the round table, the order of the check ins will be read by the moderator. Participants will be asked to remember the operator who follows them on the list so that they know who to turn it over to following their transmission.

Any participant, might occasionally contribute a technical trivia question for for the group.

So, it’ll be a fun time, and as with all club functions, the TechNet will be open to members and non-members.

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:30 PM on 28.460 USB, beginning Monday, March 16th. If the frequency is in use, look 5 kHz up or down.

Join us on the 1st PRC TechNet!

Hamfests cancelled

ARRL has announced that the Dayton Hamvention 2020 has been cancelled. See Dayton Hamvention 2020 Cancelled.

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club hamfest has been cancelled. See CFARC HF cancelled.