PRC mtg Feb 1, 2016


“Replay for Kids” to present at next meeting

Ever think “I have these hands on skills and I wouldn’t mind putting them to use to help someone in a real valuable way”?  Well listen to this. Our upcoming meeting will be quite different.   The speaker will be Natalie Wardega, Director of Operations of an organization located in Medina called Replay for Kids.  Natalie will be telling us about this unique organization that serves our community in an amazing way.

Jeff Ronay KF8CQ, our vice president,  introduced us to this organization so we already know that they modify toys so then can be enjoyed by handicapped children.  Where do we fit in? There are many ways. For one, Its volunteers with hands-on skills (with hand tools and soldering irons) who are at the heart of their effort. Without volunteers Replay for Kids would be just a dream.

This meeting will be an introductory opportunity to learn more about Replay for Kids and see where we can be of most assistance to their effort. I hope you will be able to attend our meeting Monday, February 1st.



Join the fun

Winter Field Day” Jan 30-31

In our January 4th post we mentioned Winter Field Day.  The WoodChuck Club is particpating in WFD and you are invited to attend. From the Woodchuck ARC newsletter:

 As others sit and watch the world go by the Woodchuck A.R.C. is joining the 2016 Winter Field Day event on Jan. 30th at 12 noon.

 Join us at Dan’s at 4868 Summer Lane in Brooklyn, OH. The map to his place is attached. Just turn off Ridge Rd. as if you were going to Lowes and take that street (Northcliff) to the end, turn left and follow that street (Idlewood) to the end and turn right on (Kennedy), as the street seems to end just follow it to the left and you will be on (Summer LN.) which is Dan’s street. Look on the right side for antennas. 

 (Map, ) close window on left, (click -) then drag map left until Summer Lane is on left of screen. You will see Lowes on right side. 

The Start time is 12 noon Jan. 30th till noon on the 31st and we will go until everyone wants to quit, this is a 24 hour event so we will go until we run out of operators.

 As with Field Day everyone is welcome you do not need a license to operate as we will always have Extra Class Control Operators there to allow anyone to operate.

You may also just wish to log on the computer or watch and learn, (then we will put you on the air) just kidding, do whatever you like.

 We count at least eight operators at this time and hope for more, so join us.”

Dan’s going to cook Chile, both hot and mild and there will be other food available, just bring your favorite beverage.

All details about WFD 2016 are at

Thanks to Mike KD8ZMN, Mark KB8RST and Dave Semanik, K8WRS for this information.




We never pass up an opportunity to share some technical information so at at the recent meeting I brought an antenna that was built by one of our members a few years ago.  It’s a very clever, easy to build design but I got a surprise when I opened it because it wasn’t what I expected. The original project was a 2 half wave 2 meter vertical built inside a PVC assembly, keeping it completely protected from the weather. It appears that this version was intended for the 70 cM band. We didn’t have an RF analyzer or GDO (grid dip oscillator) on hand to properly check it out. So now we have another project!

photos courtesy Ken Osicki, K8OAE

Hal Rogers, K8CMD,

Preident  & Communications Director