PRC mtg Mar 21, 2016

Tony Emanuele, WA8RJF and his microwave dish.

At our last meeting, presenter Tony Emanuele, WA8RJF presented a highly informative program on the topic of microwave communications.  Tony discussed propagation characteristics on the microwave frequencies in such clear terms that everyone felt their knowledge level had been advanced significantly.  Tony explained that receivers are typically comprised of a microwave to 2 meter converter with the signal going into a 2 meter transceiver.

Tony, who is Editor of CQ Magazine’s VHF + column, showed maps that detailed some microwave competitions he’s participated in in which hams QSOed across the Gulf of Mexico as well as Lake Erie.



 Photos: Ken Osicki, K8OAE

Our March 21st meeting

…will be a short business meeting followed by a presentation by Larry Shimerka, KC8VZZ. Larry has prepared another informative presentation.  This program will bring us up to speed on one the most important elements of our hobby– coax.  Which one do you use? What are they talking about when they refer to “velocity factor?’ Can coax be buried?  This promises to be a very informative.

Looking ahead….

On April 4th we’ll have a return visit from Replay for Kids.  This will be our first hands-on lab session in which we give selected toys a special life, adapting them to the unique needs of handicapped children. This promises to be a very rewarding experience. Breezeshooters Hamfest

Area Nets

For some time I’ve given thought to posting a list of area nets.  After a modest start, Mike Peters, KD8ZMN came along with additional information for my list. If you can help us, please send additional listings or corrections.  See the AREA NETS list under Resources on the left.

 Hamfests Update

This is a great event- Breezeshooters Hamfest in PA. June 5th from 8a-3p.  There’s lots of stuff.
Larry Shimerka, KC8VZZ


Stearns Homestead

PRC to Celebate 4th Annual Earth Day

This year the Parma Radio Club will again celebrate Earth Day by operating a special event station in the heart of Parma at Stearns Homestead, the unique historical urban farm on Ridge Road. The Homestead is owned by the City of Parma and maintained by the Parma Area Historical Society as a living educational facility for people of all ages. This year marks our 4th Earth Day celebration in which we plus entirely on power from the sun. On Saturday April 23rd the PRC will have several transmitters in operation on the HF bands. and offer our radio contacts a custom QSL card to commemorate the event. Earth Day is celebrated around the world in hundreds of countries by millions of people and seeks to remind everyone of the fragility and singularity of our special planet. We welcome visitors and operators. In recent years we’ve spread the word to as many as three countries, hundteds of amateur operators and untold shortwave listeners. This event station gives us the opportunity to inform listeners about Earth Day but also our area and the Stearns Homestead. For more information about Stearns Homestead, the site of increasingly popular summer farmers market go to

We’ll be on the air from 10 am to 4 pm 1400z t0 2000z.  Operation will be entirely from solar power.  Mode of operation will be SSB on 40, 20  and 15 meters.

For photos of previous events see our albums.


Make your plans for the Dayton Hamvention. A great way to “do Dayton” is by taking the Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society’s chartered bus.  Click the link for a flier.  2016 Dayton bus


It always nice to hear from QST.  I recently learned that a submission to the Hints and Kinks column will appear in the May issue. I was notified last summer that the article had been accepted. They do tell  you that publishing might take a year. It’s my 3rd H&K article.  Pre-release PDFs of the column are sent to the authors as a proof to check over. If you’d like a peek of the PDF just click.  It’s a “no batteries required” idea that had it’s debut at our Earth Day event.

QST Hints & Kinks “Sound Director”

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director