PRC mtg Nov 21

Nominations Being Accepted

Rich Nagle, W8KU Nominations Chairman reminds us that all officer positions are open and nominations will be accepted at the Nov 21st meeting.  If you would consider holding an office make your intention known.  Positions available: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Election will be held at the November 21st.

2017 Dues

Treasurer Jim Bis, N8FND will be accepting your 2017 dues at the upcoming meeting.  Please use the application form on this site listed under the heading Membership Application. Your membership and support is always appreciated.

20161107_214340Many thanks to Tom Bedocs, K8DMM for his interesting presentation at our previous meeting on the origin of  television in L.A. Hard to imagine now that a massive industry can emerge from such humble beginnings — and a lot of determination.


Do you have a slot antenna?

Larry’s Stealth 2 meter slot antenna. Look closely and you’ll see the slot.
Chances are you do and don’t know it. At our November 21st meeting you’ll get a good introduction to this unusual antenna. We’ll watch a Bob Heil interview with John Portune, W6NBC author of a QST article in which he described a slot antenna that he built into a discarded satellite dish. The result — a very stealth 2 meter antenna. Then, Larry Shimerka, KC8VCC will show his slot antenna built from the article and he’ll check his work with an antenna analyzer.

Pi Anyone?


Be sure to attend our December 5th meeting when Jeff Kopcak, K8JTK  be giving his popular presentation on the history of the amazing little Raspberry Pi computer. Jeff will explain how you can get started with the “Pi” and introduce us to projects that are geared to ham radio.  Jeff says, while a basic understanding of computer and tech terminology is helpful, “There is no programming or code in the presentation.”  

Party Time

Our Christmas party this year will be Monday, December 12th, 6 pm at Luna’s Restaurant, Pearl and Brookpark Roads.  Please confirm your attendance with Larry Shimerka, KC8VZZ .

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director