Feb 19, 2018

PRC celebrates 70th anniversary

While the exact date is not known, we know the year is 1948.  The history, described in a document written by Arthur Kaul, K8BFT in 1960 is posted on this site.  See the link below.

At our past meeting several ideas or informing the public of our club’s anniversary were discussed.  The simplest is to discuss it on various nets. There’s nothing like the poser of word of mouth. Do you have a suggestion?

We’d also like to know if you can provide any documents or information on the history of the PRC. Can you fill in the gaps in our information?

The club also is in possession of a fascinating “Greater Cleveland Area Call Book” complete with ads from local suppliers, published by the club in 1962. Our copy was issued to member Robert Morgan, K8RBV. This tremendous publication lists all the hams in Cuyahoga County and their bands and modes of interest! What a task that must have been to produce.

Many thanks to Roger Kaul, K3TM (ex- K8BQY) and Jay Sturtevant, K2ZT (ex-AA2IX) for the following:

PRC History-1960

PRC Officers 1956-62

PRC Roster 1962

PRC gets back to the basics

At our past meeting members enjoyed a video presentation that took us back to the basics on resistors, capacitors and other common electronic components. The presenter has a very easy to follow style, making it a pleasure to “re-learn” what we’ve forgotten.

Tell us what you want for 2018

It’s time for us to decide on program topics for 2018.  Please  join the meeting this Monday and contribute to the discussion. Vice President Mike Morganski, KE8HBK will lead the discussion. We first list the possible topics that would interest our members, then take a show of hands to determine the most popular topics. No suggestions will be ignored. We have program slots for full (45 minute) programs as well as shorter programs.  If you would like to present a program, please let us know.

 Membership renewal

Renewals have been excellent this year but if you still haven’t renewed, please take a moment and send your application in today. We would hate to lose you.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President, Communications Director