mtg June 4th

Good News

The good news is that this will be a very brief post.  As most of you have undoubtedly experience, with longer days, my activities have become more numerous.  I don’t understand it but there must be an explanation.

Time to get technical

At our past meeting we discussed the technical problems that we experienced with some coax at our Earth Day Special Event.  It wasn’t until too late that we realized the 40 meter rig had some faulty coax.  We found one bad barrel connector but still had issues.  It would be easy to just buy new coax but is that the what we really want to do?  Some members thought it was giving up too easily.  Perhaps we fix what we have.  One of our members had a great idea – bring the coax into the upcoming meeting and check it out with an analyzer and dummy load.  If it needs a repair we’ll fix it. Now that’s the spirit.

Why didn’t I think of that?  So our June 4th meeting we’ll use the o coax problem as a learning experience with an actual workshop. We’ll have all the test gear we need to be certain our coax is in excellent shape for upcoming ARRL Field Day.  We’ll  also take a closer look at antenna analyzers and see some of the amazing things they can do.

In addition, we’ll discuss other critical matters related to our Field Day event – like our power source. It appears that the the solar panels we have used might not be available. Time for a plan.

Hal Rogers, K8CMD President, Communications Director