PRC mtgs January ’20

Happy New Year, PRC members and friends!

As we begin this bright new year there’s no doubt that, like each of us, the PRC confronts challenges. But you can be certain that a club that’s more that 70 years old has seen numerous challenges over nearly three quarters of a century. I’m certain the club’s journey has seen numerous bends in the road and a myriad of steep ups and downs.

The Parma Radio Club’s challenges are not unique. Many amateur radio clubs in the area,as well as across the country, are experiencing similar difficulties. Why? There’s no single answer. For one, there are numerous changes occurring within our hobby daily, including new modes, undependable HF propagation, radio equipment design improvements. The list is endless.

In order to look ahead, it’s always a helpful to focus on what our members want from their club. Yes, they enjoy the social side of the hobby, meeting other people with similar interests. PRC members have long thought of their club as a source of learning and sharing the various technologies in there favorite hobby.

Recalling that “perfect vision” is often described as “20-20” I prefer to think that PRC’s 2020 should be about striving for a Perfect Vision of what our members and future members want. If we pursue Perfect Vision we can create a year of technical programs and activities that meet the interests and needs of everyone.

With that in mind, dedicated members huddled at recent meetings to develop a list of program topics for 2020 that is certain to impress you such as:

Introduction to the CW Skimmer Software, HF propagation, all about Radio Filters and how to use them, 6 meters – the magic band, Sunspots and Propagation, Building practical wire beams, the new VLF bands way down below the AM broadcast band, and more.

It’s going to be a great year with super programs, plus we’ll have our 8th annual Earth Day event on April 18th. Then on to Field Day in June, followed by a QRPicnic where we can eat AND play QRP radio!

Of course, to achieve our goals we have to have financial support through membership. If you haven’t yet sent in your dues, PLEASE do so today. The membership form is available on this site. Or click
Printable Member Application. As always, we sincerely appreciate your your support.

A change in our postings.

Call it a New Years resolution, I guess, but I’ve decided to reduce web site posting to once monthly where possible. The plan is to write a post like this one monthly about the upcoming month. That way you can better plan ahead.

2020 Program Schedule

We will soon post our 2020 Program Schedule. As they say “check this site”.

Meeting cancellations.

As in the past, the Busch Community room will be closed if there is a Parma School closing. If that occurs, we will try to notify you by text so you can avoid an inconvenient trip. Our best advice is you are in doubt, check a local TV station’s web site or other news source for school closing information. By the way, situations like this are why we ask on the member application if you receive texts.

Our January meetings

January 6 – We’ll finalize our program schedule followed by technical discussions and hopefully show and tells of new toys you might have received from Santa.

January 20 – An introduction to the popular software CW Skimmer. A terrific program for copying CW that is not without it’s controversies. Have you used this program in your station? We’d like to hear your experiences, opinions and comments about this program.

January Hamfest

Beat the winter doldrums at the Tusco Amateur Radio Club’s 30th Annual Hamfest, Electronics and Computer Show, Sunday, January 26th. Just $5 at the door. Main prize, a Yaesu FT 891 160-6 meters mobile transceiver. Check their web site for more information. Tusco Amateur Radio Club.