PRC mtg June 5th

Are you (getting) ready for the big event of the year?

Although ARRL’s Field Day is the major ham radio event of the year, numerous U.S. hams have yet to enjoy it.

I would suggest to anyone who hasn’t yet played radio in the field or under the stars, enjoyed great food and chat with fellow hams and their families, make 2017 your year to do it.

At our June 5th meeting we’ll make decisions as the necessary details. Please be on hand to voice your suggestions for making the event a success.

Many of us were not able to attend Hamvention 2017. If you were one of the lucky ones, I’m hoping you’ll give the rest of us an overview of your experiences at the event’s very first appearance in Zenia.

Are the bands coming back?

Tell me they are!  After our 10 meter net this week (Thursday, 9 PM 28.460) I dropped down to 40 meters and found it to be wonderfully quiet in comparison to past weeks.  I answered a CQ from a station in New Jersey and we had a very enjoyable chat for about 20 minutes. We were both running 100 watts and signals started strong and stayed  “5-9” throughout the QSO.  Later, I received a “5-9” in Minot, ND. I was using my delta loop, not the best antenna when the band is long.

“Creativity is the Brain Having Fun”

Adam Savage, host of TV’s Myth Busters

I don’t know who to give credit to for that clever quote, but l love it and will probably use it again and again because I really believe in it.  Creativity can take many forms, of course.  You know you’ve had a creative idea when you realize that if it were not for you and your imagination a problem might not have been solved, an attractive or clever creation might not exist, a disease might not have been conquered… the possibilities are endless.

If you appreciate the child-like thrill of making things, you’ve likely watched the long running TV series called  Myth Busters. As the hosts seek to debunk a popular myth, a whole lot of creativity and making stuff goes on. Adam Savage is one of the hosts and has appeared  many times as a speaker at San Francisco’s Makerfaire, an annual event for creative makers and their creations. I thought you might enjoy Savages his recent appearance Adam Savage’s Sunday Sermon at Makerfaire. 

Hal Rogers, K8CMD

President, Communications Director