PRC mtg May 6th

Antenna season has arrived!

Our May 6th meeting will be a good opportunity to develop your plans for a new antenna or ways to improve or fix an old one. Particularly wire antennas. They’re priced right and easy to buy or build. Numerous designs have been developed over the years. What’s the for best you? We’ll also be taking a look baluns and see how easy it is to make your own.

Solve your problems with electronics.

Finding a problem is not difficult. Finding a solution, well that’s a challenge. There are few things more enjoyable than building a circuit that solves a problem. Some years ago I discovered a tremendous resource for electronic experimenters called Electronics for You. Electronics for you is loaded with thousands of small circuits for any problem imaginable as well as circuits just for fun. Most circuits are developed by electronic engineers and all are tested by the staff of EFY. Check them out at